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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

of exams and attendance

exam is coming in real soon, no matter how much i try not to give a fuck about it i cant help myself from being bothered because it will sort of affects my financial status if im not doing it well, at least not getting myself that F word on my result slip. having exam and not doing anything about it really makes me feel like nauseated and suffocated.

seriously i loathe exams well who doesn't. i don't think that exam should be held solely as a yardstick to assess a person's knowledge or performances. exam will not determine how good u are in your field but judgement skill does. but what's the differences? isn't a person with a string of As in their result have logical thinking too.

a person who passes their exams with flying colors does not necessarily mean she or he is competent enough to face their real world. he may have the idea but he may not know how to apply it in real life. exam is just about memorizing, mugging up what's written in your textbook. we read it today just to be forgotten the next day or if you are lucky enough the day after. studying isn't about scoring more A s or getting the highest mark in your class. studying should be driven by motivation to learn the knowledge and understanding it as it is not by the fear of failing your exam.

exam doesn't show somebody's true knowledge and performances because in certain people they have this super magical power to remember each and every word together with punctuation marks written in their textbook without even trying to understand it. they simply copied the whole text and imprint it into the frontal lobe of theirs and vomited it out on exam paper sheet. right after the exam, im pretty sure that 90% of them would stammered at the same question answered during the exam when asked .

and it is not fair to judge a person's wisdom solely by their exam result too. what if a brilliant student catches a fever the night before the exam and cant perform up to their maximum capacity because of physical hindrance? isn't that fallacious enough to assume that only straight A s students stand a great chance in ruling the world?isn't that illogical to see only high achievers are qualified of enrolling themselves into professional fields like medicine or engineering even without their interest.

in medicine, genius mind always comes second to diligence and passion. it is not the same as engineering field. here you don't need Albert Einstein's brain to become a great doctor. an average joe's will do if u have that passion and enthusiasm inside of u. but most of us think great result would makes a great doctor.that's why parents choose to send their brainy child for medicine or engineering course with delusion of these two jobs would meant sitting in a cozy room on that comfy chair waiting for the handsome paycheck every month. and i pity those parents who wants their child to take medicine course badly just to realize they have been fooled by a group of con men selling cheap medicine programme like a hotcakes at the end of the day.

the same thing goes to attendance. i don't think that an attendance system is necessary to determine whether or not a person is qualified to sit for an exam. you can lead a horse to a water but you cant force it to drink. same here, u know u can never inculcate that interest in student to learn the subject by dragging their asses to the class.

what good did it do if a student came only for the sake of attendance? other than making the lecturer irritated with these sleepy head students, you are also repressing the enthusiasm of other motivated student who came to learn by giving them an inconvenient fully-occupied lecture hall. in addition to that u are also wasting the time of the student who prefers to learn the subject by himself at home. now do u see how fucked up this system is?

so guys if u still think that exams n attendance system are good for your career health, keep on doing that untill u grow fatigue. coz in the end what matters are how u shape ur present life and how much u have equipped urself with what's necessary to face the real world. once u became a professional, people wont ask u how much As u have scored in your exam nor how much classes you've attended.

we will all hold the same degree and venture into the career we've been opting for. what differs us from each other is how fast we picked up the skill and improve ourselves for the better. and one day we'd be grateful with ourselves knowing that we can still become competent in what we are doing without having to let go the fun side of our lives. cheers.

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