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Thursday, March 3, 2011

yeah fuck that hormone

im seriously not in the mood of anything. there are times in your life when you feel so low and fucked up and u had enough with all the people around you and mine happened just now. i have friends all around yet i feel so lonely, i have boyfriend(s) virtually by my side yet i dont feel loved. i have so many things to be done but i do nothing about it. i dont wanna do anything i just want to sit and stare into the nothingness playing with my thoughts thinking about what i am going to think one after another.

this is the time when i think that im just a lifeless bitch and that i need something to feel alive again. something that tells me that i can still feel what i wanted to feel. it is this time that i'll become rambunctious as fuck and insensitive to what others feel and think about me. and surely i wont give a fuck about your social norms or any other limitations u have set for me.

dont remind me how fucked up my life is. my silence dont mean nothing. it tells u that the inside of me have been devotedly working to find a solution that will never bear an answer. u have no idea how much i ve been trying to ditch the thoughts away yet they still linger persistently at the back of my head. i got tired of acting cool about all the things being said or done. u might not know a shit but that doesnt matter coz i have always liked it that way.

i am human. we arent perfect. we were born to make mistakes and learn something from it so that we wont do it for the second time. but no, not all of us learn from the mistakes we had done, some man commit the mistakes over and over again coz they have learnt the trick on how to escape from the repercussion of his wrong doing until they get caught. and that's just me.

gawd why am i wailing like a postpartum psychic. this fucking hormone has seriously
taking its toll on me.
now please excuse me, i need to do a little thinking again.


  1. these.hormones.are.suicidal.

    go eat ice creams! it helps.

  2. thanks. i just had one about 2hours ago. it didnt help much. maybe i should have a bucket of it. :)

  3. totally understand this feeling!lol.dont worry, i luv u.kihkih

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