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Sunday, December 11, 2011

you don't need a perfect body to be sexy

"There's nothing sexier than a woman who's comfortable in her own skin and happy with herself" - James Deen.

u must have been wondering who the fook is james deen. he is one of the most reliable person to comment on women's beauty whatnot. because so far he has been with 6000 individual tities and 3000 vaginas. no he is not an Obstetrician nor Gynaecologist. not even close to. he is just a star. not the regular star, but a PORNstar.

well i stumbled upon this article 'James Deen on what makes women good in bed' on one of the news i followed on twitter. he became a pornstar when he was 18. n it was his ambition to become a pornstar since he was in primary school. no it's not his biography that is any of my concern here, i just want to highlight the things he said in an interview that i hope will help some women out there who's suffering from inferiority complex disorder.

women are naturally concern with their bodies and how they look. some believe that being skinny is the exact definition of sexiness while some prefer to have extra kgs on their body. but little did women realize that none of them matters as long as they are comfortable with how their body looks which is quite a myth. a 'sane' woman will never ever feel comfortable with her body. that's why plastic surgeons are making quite a good money nowadays. and that explains why some women have gone extra miles taking risks just to be beautiful. well if u haven't heard a woman was being injected cement into her buttock by a fake doctor, google might be of a little help here.

being beautiful is not all about how u look on the outside, it's more like how u carry yourself in front of others. because if u're not happy with your body then how do you expect others to accept your body? the greatest style a woman can wear is confident yada yada yada. we've heard it so many times but very few of us are actually doing it. because most of the time, we feel so insecure about ourselves that we are unable to see things beyond that. we keep lamenting on our less appealing features instead of flaunting those best features endowed. to me, this type of person will never manage to pull it off even if they already have 99% perfection in them.

there's more to life than the external beauty. trust me, woman will never go under the knives if they have their loved ones who are happy with the way they look. who have never once tried to change anything on the girl's body. i've seen some average-looking women who are so confident with their extra bumps just because they have a very loving and supportive significant other, who never fails to make their woman feels beautiful just by appreciating them in their lives. and telling them how pretty they'll look with just anything. so to the women out there, if u are still unhappy with ur body, i'm sorry to say that u are actually yet to discover your mr right. if he really loves u, he'll never want to change what's already yours, he's in love with you no matter how awful u look *especially on waking up*, and he'll still see u the same even without ur make up on. well if not, that's okay. at the moment, u can have fun with your 'mr right now'. to guys, love ur woman not because of her external beauty. cz no matter how beautiful u think she was when u first met, the feeling will never be the same when u two live together.

here's the link. read more if u want to know what he said. but do have a little imagination while reading for better understanding. LOL

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